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The illumo digital Food Festival has become quite an institution here and one of our favourite ways to pass an extended lunch break. We realised that with people from so many different ethnic backgrounds here on the team, it would be brilliant to try the foods from all of the cultures that we’re a part of. Even better if we could make the food ourselves and use it as an excuse to take a few hours off work and spend some social time together as a team. And so, the Food Festival was born!

We’ve had a few of them now and despite our best efforts to tell everyone to just bring a little bit of food, the spread is always abundant and it’s difficult to hold back. We waddle back to our desks with full stomachs and arms full of leftovers. We also get to know things about our team mates – where they’re from, what kind of food they enjoy and (critically) whether they are any good at cooking. It gives us a chance to hang out more with the people on our team who don’t make it to the pub on a Friday night (sorry mums and commuters).

Manny’s fried chicken and Greg’s lamb curry are two of my favourite dishes so far, although Sam’s home-brewed beer is pretty delicious (as far as I can remember). For some reason I always go home with a lot of my healthy raw salads left over. What’s that about?