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Perhaps your business’ IT department is becoming increasingly overloaded with software support tasks and maintenance issues as your organisation grows. Maybe you’re experiencing problems with legacy systems following an IT upgrade or business merger. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help.

Here at illumo digital, we offer a unique, tailored and flexible approach to outsourced IT software support and maintenance. Our team of software professionals and IT maintenance experts are on call to help 24/7, both over the phone and online, ready to provide your business with specialist support when you need it the most.

Our IT support and software maintenance service is so much more than just a helpline. Aside from acting as your personal IT troubleshooters, when you opt for our software maintenance services, our team will also be on hand to provide specialist training, implement software and IT infrastructure modifications, carry out cybersecurity updates and improvements, and so much more. As is the case with all of our services, we will work with your business to gain a firm understanding of your values and processes before getting to work. We’ll then provide the essential behind the scenes software support you need, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Service support desk

Our service support desk gives you round-the-clock access to our dedicated technical team – online or over the phone. The support team is accountable for proactively keeping your services fast, efficient and up-to-date.

Our support services include:

  1. Troubleshooting. Get to the root cause of your software or infrastructure issues.
  2. Modifications. We can change and add features to keep your software up to date.
  3. Infrastructure. Management of hardware, servers, data centres, and more.
  4. Security. Patches, breaches, guidance.
  5. 3rd party support. For when your current provider isn’t giving you what you need.
  6. Remote support. For when you’re not in the office and can’t access your systems.
  7. Training. How to manage your software, hardware and security.

Case study video – infrastructure support for Computer Geeks

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