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Software Consultancy – lighting the way to success

Our highly experienced consultants provide clarity and support around your software strategy.

We’ll work through your challenges and find opportunities. The end result will be a comprehensive plan of action, aligned line with your business goals, budgets and timelines.

Strategic guidance

Once we have the basics in place, we can guide you to make technical and commercial decisions around your software strategy. These include:

  • New or existing? We’ll help you assess the pros and cons of building custom software versus alternative out-of-the-box solutions, or amending your existing software.
  • Technology platforms. No matter your technology platforms or development language, we’ll find the best solution for your needs and budget.
  • Security and compliance. We’ll perform security assessments of your technology environment, and identify potential compliance risks with standards such as GDPR.
  • Value. We can also attribute a commercial value on your new (or newly improved, or newly acquired) software, making it easy to calculate ROI.
  • User experience. We design the software’s User Experience (UX) for the business, internal users and customer users.

Get expert guidance on your software project

Achieve your goals with our software consultancy services:

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So how does the illumo digital consultancy process work?

Our IT software consultancy process looks like this:

Graphic depicting the illumo digital consultancy process

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Our consultancy process looks like this:

  1. Initial conversations. Project scope, strategy review, budgets and timescales.
  2. Workshops. Refining business needs and user needs.
  3. Strategy. Aligning business goals with planned output.
  4. Technical assessment. A deep dive into your IT infrastructure.
  5. Technology roadmap. Creating a plan of how and when you’ll achieve your goals.
  6. Solution design. Drawing up a blueprint of the proposed solution.
  7. Final report. Summary report with findings, recommendations and next steps.


We’re delighted that our customers, such as RNLI, the Institute of Asset Management and Map My Health, have trusted us as a partner in developing their software projects.

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"The vision for the website was to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for potential and existing IAM members, accessible globally in many different languages, and deliver a platform for future development."

David McKeown, CEO of The Institute of Asset Management

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