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What is Systems Integration?

Systems Integration is the process of connecting separate systems together.

Companies starting out often pick and choose from several systems that meet their needs at the time. Alternatively, some companies experience growth in unexpected directions and need to quickly implement a system to help them meet their needs. While this is common, scaling with multiple tools is problematic. The need to input data across multiple systems results in inaccurate data reporting, workflow inefficiencies, increased risk of errors and a drop in productivity.

Why is Systems Integration important?

Integrating disparate systems is a complicated task. However, the results are game-changing – especially when you use our systems integration services.

  • Increase productivity. No more repetitious manual data entry into multiple systems.
  • Get a single source of truth. By removing data silos, you improve business intelligence.
  • Maximise system value. Retain the best parts of your existing systems and optimise data sharing.
  • Adopt automation. Implement automatic systems around data management, workflows and intelligent process management.
  • Data integrity. Be confident in decision making with access to accurate, seamless data, instantly at your fingertips.
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What does good systems integration look like?

A good enterprise systems integration will:

  • Handle errors intelligently – data mismatches, duplicates, simultaneous edits
  • Monitor, report and alert on integration status
  • Update data in realtime
  • Have fully documented your system’s functionality
  • Test and handle edge cases

Systems Integration with illumo digital

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we approach Systems Integration projects:

Graphic showing our step-by-step approach to Systems Integration projects


  • Discovery. Through a series of workshops, we map out your requirements. Our team looks at what you want and expect from the project, and explains the potentialities for your software.
  • Analysis. Determine operational feasibility. Translate your requirements into needs.
  • Architecture design. Creation of a plan/blueprint of how the systems should be integrated.
  • Implementation. Developing and applying the proposed solution.
  • Testing. Stressing the system to flush out bugs and uncover errors.
  • Training. Once in place, we offer full instruction to help your teams understand and use the new solution.
  • Maintenance. Ensures your system is geared for the growth of your business, ensuring it benefits your business for years to come.


Challenges we’ve overcome

It’s not our first rodeo; we’ve remedied some pretty dubious systems in our time. Here are some tricky IT system integration dilemmas we’ve been able to solve:

  • Clients with poor quality data
  • Mismatched data structures.
  • Integrating ‘mature’ and complex systems.
  • Integrations with no documentation (written process) as to how the systems work, eg unsupported legacy systems.
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