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Secure Digital Rights Management (DRM)

  • Protect assets. Secure your content and intellectual property.
  • Anti-piracy. Prevent redistribution & unauthorised sharing.
  • Bulletproof protection. Secure content across all devices.

Flexible content, online or offline

  • Any device. Distribute your content across mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Offline access. Learn and test without an internet connection.
  • Auto sync. Uploads your progress as soon as you’re back online.
  • Smart notes. Save and synch notes in the cloud.
  • Encourage creativity. Highlight, annotate & scribble on your notes.
E-learning system for Bristol Groundschool

Education and communication

  • Embrace eLearning. Virtual lectures, classes & events for (100+ people).
  • Get personal. Private tuition & video calling to boost results.
  • Increase engagement. Interactive staff training & resources.
  • Monitor performance. Track training progress by individual or by class.
  • Create tests. Including various question types – multiple choice, numeric input, cloze.
  • Multimedia content. Images, video, animations, 3D, interactive VR.
  • Dynamic marking. See your exam progress live on display (optional).
E-learning virtual platform

Reporting and authoring

  • Take control. Set user permissions – e.g. admin, editor, view only.
  • Smart insights. See test results, performance analytics & customised reporting.
  • Save time. Automated alerts for underperforming students.
  • Automate audits. Easy quality assurance & auditing with semi-automated workflows.
E-learning virtual platform
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