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What good IT infrastructure design looks like

Our experts will design your IT infrastructure using these best practice principles:

Graphic depicting the IT infrastructure best practice principles

  1. Assessment. Analysis of your existing infrastructure, and setting target benchmarks based on your growth strategy and performance metrics.
  2. Opportunities. How we can solve your issues and deliver the most value.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Ensuring efficiency and giving you the most bang for your buck.
  4. Flexibility. Ensuring your systems can adapt to change – scalability, easy system integration, enable remote working practices, etc.
  5. Security. Ensuring your infrastructure can meet your security and compliance requirements.
  6. Design. Creation of a schematic blueprint which outlines how your hardware can support your software systems.

Optimise your IT infrastructure design

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“It was great teamwork. Helastel (now illumo digital) rendered our ideas into robust and intelligently designed software.” – Iain Brogan, COO at Mapmyhealth

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