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When I’m working on software support I take care of requests from clients to improve their software or resolve any issues that have arisen. It’s an investigative process, trying to find out what the root cause is or find the quickest route to a good solution.

I also develop projects. There’s lots of exposure to good stuff at illumo digital because the projects tend to be varied and pretty complex. You’re not stuck in one framework or type of site. It keeps you nimble, and interested, and smart. You aren’t expected to know everything but you must want to learn. You’ll be supported but there is definitely an expectation that you’re willing to try new things and get your head around them.

It’s easy-going as a work place and there’s a very good process of managing clients and projects with lots of discussion and collaboration. You don’t feel excessive pressure because things are well-organised, although there are moments when something is critical and needs to get done. The pressure is your own most of the time – to produce something of quality.

I like how straightforward it is here – no marketing nonsense, just clear goals that we all get on with. Honing, refining, making, helping, improving and having pride in our work. I’d say that’s something that we all have in common.

Bristol is cracking. It has confidence and an independent spirit. It’s not immediately obvious but that Bristol spirit does seep into the culture at illumo digital. It feels very entrepreneurial. I walk to work, which is great decompression time. I love it. I’m a foodie and we are spoilt for choice here – great things opening up all the time and always something new to try.