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We had some celebrating to do. We had just finished up a huge project that many of the team had been collaborating on for months. It wasn’t the easiest ride; it was a complex piece of work that was both fascinating and challenging. We decided to mark the occasion in a way that would leave us with a memento of our good work.

There’s a little ceramic shop just across the road that we had all walked past most days without going inside. They offer mug-painting parties, the perfect way to create something individual that we get to keep as a reminder. Tea-drinking is a very important aspect of our work at illumo digital, so making individual tea-mugs had the potential to allay washing up disputes for years to come.

It was also funny to see the creative approaches of the different members of the team. From fine details to elaborate inner-mug landscapes, coding references galore and fluffy kittens. The snacks and beer we brought didn’t manage to break the surprisingly intense hush of concentration. Who would have guessed there were so many closet artists at illumo digital?