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Most of us began 2013 with a New Year’s Resolution: to get healthier, travel the world, or to be more financially aware. One of my resolutions was to have a detox month, however, the end of January is upon us, and my urge to raid the chocolate counter is becoming stronger. Studies have shown that nearly 25% of us fail to see our resolutions through the first week; this is where my second resolution comes in, commitment. And guess what, it’s FREE!


Want to design an amazing website, give the best customer service or be promoted? I’ve got one word for you: commitment. Without sounding cheesy (dieters focus), actions speak louder than words, so show what you can do. When you are in the right frame of mind you can do anything, right? Just think back to when you learned how to ride your bike, swim, or the moment you ate your first sprout. It wasn’t easy, but you got there! If you are determined to change your business this year, it will take that same determination. There will be times when you want to lapse on those new commitments and go back to doing what you’ve always done.


It turns out that you are 90% more likely to stick to a News Year’s resolution if you can make it past the first week. Pat on the back for you. For those who couldn’t keep away from the glass of vino, it’s never too late to start fresh! Keep up the hard work and you will be on your way to transforming, maybe not your image, but your mind-set and the year ahead of you. The same goes if you’ve decided to launch a new web site or get some software that will shift your business. There will be temptations and fears to distract you, but if you can get the right support and take the first steps then you’ll see it through. Thanks to for the photo!