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It’s wonderful to know that the software development project rescue services are there ‘just in case’, but you never want yours to reach the point where you need to call them in!  It’s all about avoiding the pitfalls and getting the right approach from the outset.

Based on our experiences from dozens of emergency software development project rescues over more than 10 years, our eBook Why Projects Fail (and How to Avoid it Happening to Yours) is a comprehensive resource for ensuring a positive outcome.

In the meantime, follow these six steps to software project success and be confident it’ll be plain sailing to achieving your business goals.

1. Take a less rigid approach to procurement

With an open mind, talk to software companies about how they approach budgeting and how this relates to the various project methodologies e.g. agile, waterfall, etc. Pursuing the methodology that’s right for your unique project will make a big difference to the quality of the outcome, how efficiently you can get there, and how much of the total budget can feasibly be fixed from the outset.

2. Investigate how your supplier runs its business

Their people might be great, but do some ‘due diligence’ on your chosen software development company, just in case. Find out if their financial resources allow them to commit to the life of your project, how often they churn their own staff, and how much they sub-contract multi-disciplinary skills.

3. Apply appropriate legal frameworks and safeguards

Get legal professionals involved in seeking the safeguards you need as part of a robust contractual framework for your software project and its ongoing future.

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4. Scoping, feasibility, audit, specification, documentation, roadmap…

Grasp the paramount significance of adhering to all the up-front principles of project management best practice to protect the integrity of the project throughout its lifecycle. For more detail on effective software consultancy methods see here and for information on all of these methods, download the e-book.

5. Let your plans be challenged

You’ve struck gold if you’ve managed to engage a software developer who really ‘gets’ your business. Let them challenge and question your preconceptions; encourage the insights of your users from an early stage. This is healthy for your relationship.

6. Anticipate change

You can count on change happening. It’s better practice to focus on portions of the project at a time than to prescribe the detail of later parts from the outset. This way you can allow change to work for you, rather than against you.

At illumo digital, we follow through on our commitments and stay clear on timescales. We know how to balance your budget with your objectives and put innovation on your side to deliver long-lasting benefits.  Contact us to discuss your new project requirements, or for help with a potential project rescue.

Download your free guide to preparing a brief for software development