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My mind is constantly wrestling with ideas about peak performance and what separates businesses from one another; what gives peak performance to one business over another. Consider a story about the photocopier. The photocopier, a revolutionary device, was invented by one Chester Calston some 65 years ago. It took about 20 years for a technology so important to become affordable to a small business, where previously it had only been available to the corporate world.

Today, we see the trend continue of larger businesses adopting innovative technologies and getting competitive advantage way before smaller businesses, thus making it harder for SME’s to compete.

Right now, we in an era where there is a new ‘technology’ available promising to revolutionise the way we work, and for once that tool is available to everyone. Whether you have internet or not, whether you have an office or not and whether you have any money or not. That tool is consciousness.

Blue chips like Google have been dipping their toes into the idea of utilising aspects of consciousness in order to get peak performance from their staff. Microsoft have been running mindfulness programs demonstrating almost a threefold staff performance increase in their focus groups. And the best news is that this ‘technology’ is within each of us right now.

I came across a short video on the topic from Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco, you might find it interesting.