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Benefits of custom software development

  1. Increase efficiency, reduce costs. Automate manual processes to save time and reduce errors. Work smarter, not harder!
  2. Better visibility & control. Get a 360 view of your business processes, projects, and workload capacity. Comply with legal obligations and SLAs.
  3. Increase revenue & market share. Get ahead of your competition with bespoke software. Amplify your unique selling points and maximise your company’s intellectual property (IP).
  4. Keep focused. Let our experts do what they do best. Automate processes and gather more insight so you can save time, make faster decisions and focus on your core business.
  5. Meet your individual needs. Your business has unique and specific requirements. So it’s worth investing in software purpose-built to meet those needs.

Why choose illumo digital for software development?

Amplify your core offering

Most of our clients use our bespoke software as part of their core customer offering. We’ll ensure your software enhances your unique selling points.


We focus on delivering long-term value and building trust. So we’ll always recommend the most cost-effective solution for you. (We’re also guilty of giving away a bit too much for free … just don’t tell the boss ???? )

Our people care

We care a lot. (Maybe too much.) We pride ourselves on the collaborative relationships we build with our clients. We’re more like a business partner than a standard software supplier.

Software development

What kinds of software can we develop?

We can develop all kinds of software! Here are just a few examples:

  1. Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) systems – like we did for Phillip Carroll Associates.
  2. Incident tracking systems (we track life-saving incidents for the RNLI).
  3. Data management solutions.
  4. eLearning software.
  5. Healthcare tracking apps (MapMyDiabetes is the only software-as-a-drug service available through the NHS).
  6. Record management and document management.
  7. eCommerce software (with subscriptions and stock management modules).

Our software development methods

  • Agile or Waterfall development. We’ll work with you to decide the best approach, depending on your needs and budget.
  • Flexible approach. We have an existing framework which allows us to get started quickly, or we can start developing from scratch.
  • Any development language. We can write code in most languages, but we find .NET and PHP to be the most well recognised, stable and scalable.
  • Constant communication. Our Project Managers will update you with checkpoint reports daily or weekly depending on your project. We also provide regular demos, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and end-of-sprint reports.

Our software development process

Below is an outline of our typical end-to-end software development process.

Graphic depicting our end-to-end software development process

  1. Consultancy. We host workshops to learn about your business, what your needs and challenges are, and what potential opportunities lie ahead. We then write up our recommendations in the form of a report / roadmap.
  2. Discovery. We perform a detailed assessment of requirements before creating a plan for your software project. This includes a cost–benefit analysis and an assessment of your project’s ROI.
  3. Development. We put together an expert team of Developers, a Project Manager, Business Analysts and Quality Assurers / Testers.
  4. Hosting. We’ll help you determine how and where you’ll host your solution – in our own secure data centres or in a public cloud.
  5. Support and maintenance. Keeping your software up to date, dealing with any issues, adding new features, and ensuring your software can keep up with changes in your business.

What our clients say about us:

David Thomas, General Manager of Avonwood Developments:

“We wanted to work with a company who understood hosted solutions, Azure and understood our business and customers.

“It’s been refreshing to work with people who really know and understand what they do, and are passionate about what they do. They were very good at guiding us through the process.

“illumo digital would explain technical aspects in layman’s terms. We felt comfortable knowing that if we weren’t sure about anything, they’d patiently take their time explaining it to us.

“We were made to feel like part of the team. We collaborated on the roadmap. And we were able to tap into the knowledge and experience of their developers, business consultants and project managers.

“Due to Covid-19, we’ve done it all remotely, using collaboration technology. From day one it was a transparent process, seeing things being built in front of us.”


Nicolas Carey, Director of Take Note!:

Success for us is really all about delivering a product to our client that they love and benefits their business, as well as providing a product for our users that they use day to day.

“We worked with illumo digital on Urban Tribe, which is a student discount platform, whereby they can grab deals at local merchants, at national retailers, online, on their phone, on the go, and they can share with friends, and get rewarded for doing so.

“Before we started working with illumo digital, our biggest problem was scaling our products from 5-10 universities to 30. Working with illumo digital has really facilitated us in reaching those goals. 

“We wanted to find a company that would not just develop a version 1 of our product, but really work with us right until we really reached our final vision of where we could go with them. 

“We’re really happy with the work we’ve done with illumo digital, we’d be mad to go anywhere else. They don’t just have the technical expertise, but also the business acumen to see our vision through.”


Rob Ireland, IT and Finance Director of Pattersons:

Good software is essential. Previously we had a piece of software that was continually letting us down, and that was a major factor in us deciding to change it. 

“Over the last 2 years illumo digital have helped us take our existing website and develop it in line with both our own requirements and customer requirements, and we’ve taken it to a new level, both in terms of the way it works, and ease of use. 

“Now, 2 years on I have much less stress than I ever had, despite the fact we’ve had exponential growth.”


David Burgess, Director of Phillip Carroll Associates:

Over the last 5 years, we’ve more than doubled our staff. So while it’s difficult to gauge because the business has changed dramatically, if we didn’t have [our new Intelastel software Rex], dare I say we wouldn’t have been able to cope with the workload, we certainly wouldn’t have been relied upon as much as we are, and we might have lost our preferred supplier status.

“With the SLAs, it’s given clarity to both sides on the visibility, as to who’s delivering. Staff KPIs internally for us, and externally for the client. So that’s given visibility as to what’s actually going on, who’s working and who’s not.

“When our head of service management has gone out to see new clients and shown them Rex, they’ve been very impressed. That makes selling our services to new clients that much easier. 

“The feedback I’m hearing from our staff is that surveyors love it. Before we developed Rex, we did a focus group to see what people wanted, so we had meetings with people. And one of the things they said they didn’t want was yet another portal to log into. However, all those people now love Rex, even though it’s another login, another cloud-based system.

“I’ve liked the approach to developing the project. You’ve had people come out and talk through the process, and talk about what we’re trying to achieve.”


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