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Cost savings and an efficiency boost: DBD Distribution

DBD Distribution is an appliance installation distributor. They mainly sell to housing developers. DBD first signed up with illumo digital in 2012, whereby we created their software called ToolBox. Their technology stack is (Microcroft IIS Server, MSSQL database, and PHP).

Computer screen showing DBD Toolbox software


The problem

DBD wanted to revolutionise the way and efficiency in how site managers deliver house building projects. DPD had these issues:

  1. Inefficient use of cash flow due to stock management issues
  2. Financial losses due to human error
  3. Difficulty in keeping track of installations and orders
  4. Costly and inefficient call centre for taking customer orders
  5. Difficult to create audit trails and order transparency
  6. Customers couldn’t easily view, cancel or amend orders
  7. No digital file management system – e.g. upload invoices, remittances, authorisation
  8. Unreliable and inefficient paper-based processes

The solution

DBD chose Helastel (now illumo digital) because they had confidence in our proposition and skillset. Here’s what we provided:

  • Software – proprietary system called “ToolBox
  • Hosting on a private cloud – including testing and UAT environments
  • Mobile app for on-site ordering and easy access
  • eCommerce ordering – with live stock details
  • Installation scheduling with calendar booking system
  • Auditing capabilities – online order history and checkbox policies reduce contract disputes
  • Complex user access settings to cater for different kinds of users
  • Systems integration – multiple feeds, e.g. finance and logistics systems
  • Customer portal for uploading documents – desktop and mobile accessible
  • High volume system. Providing services for all the big house builders.

Animation of a customer adding an item to their online shopping basket


The outcome

Overall, DBD were (and still are) very happy with their proprietary system:

  1. Achieved 100% ROI within one year, and continue to achieve significant value
  2. They encourage all their customers to use this system
  3. Cash flow has improved as a result
  4. Errors and waste are significantly down
  5. Better cost transparency
  6. Customer relationships are improved
  7. Data sources integrate into one system – making for easy management
  8. System is very robust and needs very little maintenance
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