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Today we’d like to shout about one of our clients, the Mapmyhealth team and specifically their Mapmydiabetes product. It’s been announced today as the winner of the prestigious Bionow awards, in the Technical Service category.

Built in partnership with Helastel (now illumo digital), this interactive software solution is helping type 2 diabetes sufferers in the UK to manage their condition. After many years in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields, the Mapmyhealth directors knew that effective self-management can have a major impact on the overwhelming global threat of chronic disease.

They realised that the use of technology in collaboration with current NHS or private primary care solutions was the route to radical and long-lasting change. When Helastel (now illumo digital) started working with Mapmyhealth they had done extensive clinical research and were very clear on their business plan, but they needed a technical partner to bring the solution to life. We were able to advance their research and planning through technical consultancy and to work in partnership to deliver the Mapmydiabetes software, launching it into the healthcare settings where it is being used today.

Offering highly secure sharing of patient data between healthcare provider and patient, Mapmydiabetes enables patients to see their health data in ways that are easy to monitor and understand. This innovative self-management tool provides access to high quality health information presented in a friendly, structured e-learning environment. Patients can also set targets, receive appointment reminders and track their medication. It is the UK’s only type 2 diabetes self-management system that is fully integrated with General Practice.

To read more about the healthcare software project we collaborated on, see our case study.