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Full Stack PHP Engineer

The Role: 

The Software Engineer role is a primary and vital role in the business that illumo digital sells to our customers. You will spend your time working with others in the organisation on the creation of primarily web applications, web services, and websites. You will be responsible for helping to estimate, develop, and communicate on a variety of projects belonging to a diverse range of customers. 

Your main role will  be focused on code quality, successful delivery of releases on time, quality of documentation, and estimating tasks; while an important secondary role will be to communicate with key stakeholders, and to be part of a software engineering team that supports and reviews each other’s output.

You will be responsible for:

  • Provide high standards of quality in our code releases, with a top priority of ensuring bug free releases to customers and production environments.
  • Analyse the requirements of projects in collaboration with Solution Architects and Business Analysts to develop a plan, with stakeholder support, to construct the project solution.
  • Investigate and implement solutions to project tasks within an agreed timeline.
  • Support other Software Engineers in the organisation to provide peer reviews of code, and to aid in unblocking their progress where you’re able.
  • Work with other team members in departments such as Solutions Architecture, Business Analysis, and Quality Assurance, to highlight and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Document project technical and functional specifications and requirements as required, and ensure a high quality of documentation throughout the development process on projects.

You’ll bring the following to our team: 

  • Previous relevant industry experience as a Software Engineer.
  • Proven experience using PHP 7 or PHP 8, with demonstrable experience of using OOP principles, especially using frameworks such as Laravel.
  • Proven experience with JavaScript, especially with React, Angular, or Vue.js.
  • Experience using modern CSS.
  • Experience in carrying out code reviews, pair programming, and other techniques that ensure high standards of code quality.
  • Experience with Git as a means of developing, merging, and deploying code


  • £40,000 – £50,000


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